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Welcome to logo-ind

Our Profile:

logo-ind-thIs one of the leading Restaurant Chain of Bahrain and pierced its firm roots in the Hospitality industry of Kingdom of Bahrain.


logo-ind-thwas founded in Late 73`s by a founding Bahraini family. Starting as a Single Point Canteen Gulf University, Isa Town, in the heart of a populated upper-middle-class neighborhood, the concept was simply to create a good environment that was well suited to have great conversations and served quality freshly cooked meals to the taste of its wide Variety of Customers. After 43 years of fine-tuning, product development, and loads of hard work, we have what you see today. As of 2016, we have Eight locations (3 under the banner name logo-ind-th) and We currently serve over 10,000 customers a week including the Bahrain Ministries and Several Other Government forms.

Never to forget the efforts taken by the Founder Members, the Directors and the Administration Team, we also understand that the hard work and Sweat of our fellow employees has made logo-ind-th to achieve this dream.


Each unit of the logo-ind-th Group is professionally managed with a team of well trained and dedicated Staff, committed to bring about Customer satisfaction and goodwill.

Our Today:

Today, we still offer a stimulating atmosphere with lots of conversation pieces on the walls and serve excellent quality, fresh cooked meals.

logo-ind-this defined as a main stream casual dining restaurant that caters to the community and local businesses.

logo-ind-thprovide friendly, attentive service in a relaxed environment by staff and owners that truly enjoy their job. We are very proud to say that after Four+ decades of serving this great city, our Bahraini based company is still owned and operated by the same founding family.

Our Commitment to Quality:

More than a decade of strong, customer-focused approach and the continuous quest for perfection and world-class quality have enabled logo-ind-th Group to attain and sustain leadership in the field of Restaurant industry.

The Main Business line of Group is its Fine Dine Restaurants. It earned reputation and brand loyalty with a success saga and Customer Satisfaction for several decades. Every Dish served in  International Restaurant is a fulfillment of the customers Intention.

Here at the logo-ind-th we pride ourselves on inspirational cuisine as well as providing a fresh twist on some old favorites. All of our food meet rigorous requirements which ensure only freshest, cleanest and most delicious morsels reach your table. This deep respect for clean, beautiful food has made us winner of our Guests Satisfaction.

logo-ind-th has always complied with stringent quality control standards which is the key ingredients of our Dishes. Our quality control starts from the selection of raw materials from certified panels of suppliers to manufacturing of the finished products. Our Team of Qualified and experience food makers make sure that only the finest ingredients are used.

These stringent quality standards have resulted in logo-ind-th been awarded by its Customers several Times as the Best Restaurant in the Kingdom.